Activated Carbon Weatherproofing Wax - Restores Black - 100% Natural
Activated Carbon Weatherproofing Wax - Restores Black - 100% Natural
Activated Carbon Weatherproofing Wax - Restores Black - 100% Natural
Activated Carbon Weatherproofing Wax - Restores Black - 100% Natural
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Activated Carbon Weatherproofing Wax - Restores Black - 100% Natural
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Activated Carbon Weatherproofing Wax - Restores Black - 100% Natural

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ACTIVATED CARBON Weatherproof Wax 


Looking to breathe new life into your faded Cordura jackets, saddlebags, tank bags, backpacks, cotton-canvas jackets etc?

This all natural, heat activated, eco wax adds rain, stain and oil protection. It waterproofs and helps restore faded jackets, panniers, tank bags etc back to black.

It is formulated with a special blend of pure Australian Beeswax, organic Activated Carbon (from steamed organic coconut shells) and "non drying" natural plant oils to condition and keep your textiles supple, to help prevent fibers drying out and becoming brittle and cracking.

Activated Carbon made from organic coconut shells has a very high hardness and is more abrasion resistant than any other type of activated carbon.

It is a totally natural, environmentally friendly product that has a very small carbon foot print since it is derived from mature coconut shells and is activated using steam.

This is the "gold standard" of activated carbons in that only coconut shell activated carbon is sufficiently abrasion resistant to support applications such as recovery of gold and other precious metals. It is highly regarded for its abrasion resistance and ability to absorb and protect against environmental pollutants, toxins and odors.

These unique qualities combined with our special blend of pure Australian beeswax and "non drying", nourishing plant oils that also have natural antimicrobial properties, waterproofs and helps condition and protect your textiles against daily wear and tear.

No Nasties!
ACTIVATED CARBON Weatherproof Wax is free from paraffin wax, petrochemicals, synthetics, silicons, mineral oils, formaldehyde, lanolin, animal fats, palm oil, parabens, sulfates, PEGs, PFCs, is non GMO, cruelty free (not tested on animals), plastic free and zero waste.

No linseed oil or pine resin have been used in this product, an added benefit for those with allergies like contact dermatitis.

Available in: 1pk - 1 x 40g/1.5oz block,  2pk - 2 x 40g (80g/3.17oz) blocks,  3pk - 3 x 40g (120g/4.76oz) blocks,  4pk - 4 x 40g (160g/6.35oz) blocks, 5pk - 5 x 40g (200g/7.9oz) blocks

Please see our HOW TO video for application:

Please note: Your item will have the scent of natural beeswax following application. This normally wears off within a couple of days.

This weatherproof wax coating will change the texture of your textiles to one that is firmer and waterproof but still flexible. Your textile will be like an 'oilskin' jacket and will develop crease lines like an oilskin jacket with use. To smooth creases reheat with hairdryer. Elasticized textile panels absorb this eco wax differently, remaining pliable and stretchy.  Please test on a small patch first before full application.

You will need: a paint brush; a clean, lint free cotton cloth, a hairdryer, a mug and saucepan.
Note: you can also use a clean cloth for dipping and painting instead of a brush.


for Textiles
1. Clean and thoroughly dry fabric.
2. Melt eco wax block in double boiler (or in a mug in water in a saucepan).
3. Work on and complete one section at a time before moving onto the next.
4. Paint a coat of melted eco wax onto fabric taking care to avoid any areas you do not wish to be colored.
5. The eco wax will set - it will dry quickly, this is normal and to be expected.
6. Using a hairdryer on medium to high setting (depending on your drier) heat eco wax on fabric. You will see it begin to melt and then dissolve into the textile.
7. Using your paintbrush, work the eco wax evenly across and into the textile, taking care to ensure seams are properly coated.
8. Re-heat and buff with cotton cloth.
9. If you've applied too much in places, reheat and buff away excess with with cotton cloth.
10. Once your item is complete, let rest for 24 hours.

for Leather Boots
To fully waterproof boots may take 2 coats or more depending on condition of leather.
Follow steps above BUT instead of using a brush to work into leather use a clean, lint free cloth.
After final coat, buff to shine.

for Motorcycle Leathers + Rabrib (elasticized stretch panel inserts)

This Weatherproof Wax will rainproof your elasticised panels without compromising stretch.
Using your brush, work eco wax into one elasticised panel at a time, heating the wax coating until fully dissolved and absorbed into the panel.
Let the panel cool for 10 minutes. Test stretch. Apply second coat if needed.
If eco wax accumulates in patches or dries in streaks, reheat panel to dissolve further into fabric. Buff away excess with clean cotton cloth.

This Weatherproof Wax will nourish, condition and help waterproof your leathers.
Pre-warm leathers. Apply a light coat with brush. Using your hairdryer, keep the wax fluid and gently work into leather with clean cloth.
Allow to cool for 10-20 minutes after application. If leather feels tacky to touch you've applied too much.
Re-warm and buff away excess with clean cloth.
Buff leather with clean, lint free cotton cloth.

Please note: Leather allows perspiration to escape. Fully waterproofing leather boots will trap the perspiration inside. If your intend to apply eco wax to gloves, we suggest you try it on the upper-side only (not palm side) to help protect against rain.

Patch test on a small area of fabric first before full application to check suitability for your textile.

Cordura motorcycle jacket Mens Medium size (pictured) - 4 blocks (160g)
RJays City Rack Bag 37.5L 1800 Denier Ballistic Nylon (pictured) - 4 blocks (160g) for total coverage including base to protect against road/rain/mud splashback.
Tank Bag - 1 block (40g)

Re-apply every 12-18 months when the weatherproofing begins to wear off. This will depend on frequency of use.

Handwash item with mild soap when necessary and air dry.
Do not wash in washing machine.
Do not tumble dry.

To clean brushes, bowls etc gently heat some vegetable cooking oil in your double burner. Soak your brushes to remove wax and plant oils. Wipe with paper towel. Then handwash in soapy water.

This product is handcrafted in Australia